Bob Jones University vs Pensacola Christian College?

Read thousands of forum posts on topics such as homeschool law, getting started, curriculum, special needs, homeschool vs public school, and much, much more! Moderators: Theodore , elliemaejune. Homeschool World Forum Read thousands of forum posts on topics such as homeschool law, getting started, curriculum, special needs, homeschool vs public school, and much, much more! Skip to content. Quick links. Thinking about Pensacola Christian College? Find out how to handle homeschooling through high school and college prep! There is nothing inherently wrong with the curriculum; what is wrong is the college that publishes it.

5 Good Reasons Not to Attend Pensacola Christian College

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Pensacola christian college dating rules r Pensacola christian college rules of going to find denver broncos at pensacola christian teens sometimes outings.

Thanks for connecting! You’re almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Religious schools are as old as religion itself, and there’s nothing wrong with keeping the “God” in education g. But when college students are sent to live at a Christian school where their every move is monitored, well, there is a certain potential for things to get weird.

Pensacola Christian College, for instance, has come under fire for what has been described as a cult-like atmosphere, along with the little matter of not having any accreditation at all. The most traumatic event in Lilith’s tenure at Pensacola Christian College occurred in the spring of her freshman year. She and her boyfriend had sneaked away to enjoy a rare moment of nuzzles, because no physical touching was allowed between genders at all.

Well, someone must have seen them in this obscene act of awkward adolescent pecking, because shortly thereafter

pensacola christian college has some f**ked up rules!

College is a time for experimentation, but your chances of trying new things are pretty limited if you attend a Christian college. Christian colleges have been around for a while and are schools centered around a particular faith, regardless of how absurd the tenets of said faith actually are. While the curriculum is often similar to what you would find at a regular institution of higher education, the lifestyle of students is more closely monitored by the administration.

Pensacola Christian College horror stories and stories of life at Liberty often involve intense rules.

A man walks by the campus chapel and bell at Gordon College in Wenham for women at Pensacola Christian College), on dating and social life, even Moreover, the rules are no secret: Students and professors know what.

Pensacola Christian College by Scott M. Rosen December 21, Copyright LewRockwell. If one is to believe the exit polling data from the recent presidential election, President Bush owes his victory in no small part to conservative Christians. This constituency is primarily concerned with the issues of homosexual marriage, abortion, and vulgarity in the media. While the president has not necessarily placed such issues at the forefront of his agenda imperial wars and government handouts seem to interest him more , they most likely reasoned that a liberal from Massachusetts would be less inclined towards keeping the forces of hedonism at bay.

But is this truly the best way to secure cultural conservatism in America? Leaving aside the practicality of the policies encouraged by the Religious Right — does anyone actually believe that getting the federal government involved will solve any of these problems? After all, in a libertarian society based upon localism and private property, everyone would enjoy the absolute right to freedom of association, which includes not being forced to associate with many of moral reprobates who are all too common in America today.

PCC has a strict code of conduct and a very conservative interpretation of the Bible.

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Many have to do about that rules, which have changed with time. There are no sidewalk colours at Pensacola Christian College. Yes, couples are very much encouraged to date and to participate in social events.

For the second time in a year, I had a Sunday off. My work schedule shifted, so as of now, I am now off Sundays at my primary job. One church, the pastor had a strong drawl and was trying to tell some amusing anecdote. He had no sense of timing or execution, making me think he was trying to be the late Mississippi humorist Jerry Clower and, well, having no success.

My gut told me his Bible teaching would not be any better. Soon, I lost interest and decided to try another church. Next stream, the pastor was talking about the resurrection, citing scripture, and talking about the eternal hope that comes from Jesus rising from the dead. The church, on its Website, talks about the service being informal as far as attire goes. Jesus did. At one church, a Sunday School teacher disliked the direction the pastor was going and convinced three or four families to also leave.

Super Strict Rules From Life On A Christian College Campus

Every college and university around the world expects its students to uphold certain standards. Honesty, refraining from causing harm to others, community, and staying within the laws of the home country all remain relatively reasonable and universal codes that give students structure while still preserving their individuality and bolstering their character. But some schools, most especially those affiliated with the evangelical Christian movement in the United States, raise a number of extremely difficult questions with their adherence to a highly restrictive code of values.

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Being a student at Pensacola Christian College has been…an interesting experience, to say the least. As a freshmen, I was terrified to get there, more because I was afraid of being thrown into the midst of 5, students and expected to somehow be social. No headphone allowed. The idea is that this keeps us accountable for the music we listen to, but of course we had them, anyway.

So if your RA was your roommate—sorry, you were out of luck when it came to this one. My hat is off to anyone who tries to date on this campus. Dating couples cannot do small thing like hug or even hold hands.

A Rundown of the Residence Halls

One of the largest suppliers of materials for private schools and home-school students across the United States is affiliated with a small Christian college in the Florida Panhandle. Today, Abeka Academy Inc. We present free-enterprise economics without apology and point out the dangers of Communism, socialism, and liberalism to the well-being of people across the globe.

In short, Abeka offers a traditional, conservative approach to the study of what man has done with the time God has given him. Homeschool programs, which the company also provides, also soared in popularity during that time.

Rules and regulations[edit]. The main dining facility. PCC policies govern many aspects of the students’ lives, including.

This probably means that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs. In the blog Restless Wanderings, portions of the student handbook, which is apparently well-guarded and difficult to obtain by any infidels, include the following rules: The Demerit system is complex and throrough. The administration found out, and all 15 students were expelled.

Even couples who are not talking or touching can be reprimanded. Thousands of delegates attend clinics and seminars sponsored by PCC every year. If a liberal accidentally wandered on campus the police might be called.

5 Insane Realities At My Fundamentalist Christian College

People have many questions about PCC that are either rumors or are easy to clarify. Many have to do about that rules, which have changed with time. By Denis G. Pensacola Christian is accredited since There are no sidewalk colours at Pensacola Christian College. However, there are chaperoned areas where couples may walk together on campus, and couples may not be together off-campus except with year or older ladies.

pensacola christian college has some f**ked up rules! Thread starter anfrey; Start date Sep 22,

You can view the entire handbook including some really fantastic modesty guidelines for women students here PDF. For more on Crown College you can check out a promotional video we featured last year. This is going to be a very talked about topic! The only ones who should care about this are the ones who pay to be there. Interracial marriage still has a stigma in a few circles because the couples have in the past been in rebellion to their parents.

Interracial marriage still has a stigma in some circles because some people are still bigots. So true! How dare you question their racism? This only proves it. What right do they have to set even half of these rules? What possible difference can it make how long the chaperone couple has been married? Why do interracial couples have to have an added stipulation to their dating? Boy do I look forward to the posts today especially from those of you who lived through this! Interracial couples.

10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At Pensacola Christian College

We’ve got articles, videos and forum discussions that provide answers to all of your test prep, admissions and college search questions. Finding the right college for your unique situation can be challenging. Hear from other students who shared their admissions story. Happy first day of classes to Colgate and all other students that are starting the fall semester today!

We wish you a fruitful academic year! She speaks all over Maine on mental health issues.

Date: Aug 06 In my public schools, I was never tempted to break any rules, and never got a single detention. At PCC, I was If you have attended a private Christian school that uses Abeka curriculum you might survive academically.

Here’s an optimistic idea :. Personally, I have a great deal of hope that this is going to start to change in the near future. Indeed, this is one area where the blogosphere could actually prove quite powerful. Ten years ago, I’m not sure there was anywhere that your average Christian American was exposed to openly atheistic viewpoints. These days, I’m constantly amazed how many prominent bloggers profess their atheism on a daily basis.

Notably, many of these have substantial conservative readership.

Making a Splash at Pensacola Christian College

Several studies have shown that students at traditional universities have twice as much leisure time as they have in classes and studying. They have a lot more extra-curricular opportunities for leadership and service and spiritual development, and of course there are guidelines to how much homework and project time is required per academic credit earned.

Swimming is an acknowledged method of stress relief. Almost everyone finds just the simple sight of a pool calming.

Of Pensacola’s many rules, those dealing with male-female relationships are the most talked about. Sabrina Poirier, a student at Pensacola who withdrew in , was disciplined for what How can a place so out-of-date exist in America​?

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