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Post by Bill H. Quick links. They are Snap On and marked “G” for govt use. Is there any truth to that? How would I confirm their originality or original application? Thanks, Boone Myers. Usually, Snap-on lose sockets are not expensive. I have some Snap-On tools we bought from the Gov’t in the 40’s.

Snap Rail On Socket Holder Rail Set For Sockets 1/4″ 3/8″ & 1/2″ 2 Rails

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Purchase SNAP ON Military issue 71MV 1/2″ DRIVE, “3” DATE. Snap on 1/2″ drive, s,15/16 12 point socket, ‘s. usa(US $); Mac s43 wrench,​.

Insulating driver with injection molded shank and fluted working tip. Patent number: Abstract: An insulating hand tool has an elongated shank injection molded of a high-strength, electrically insulating material, such as glass-reinforced nylon, and a handle formed of an electrically insulating material. The handle and the shank may be molded together in a unitary, one-piece construction, or the handle end of the shank may be press-fitted in an axial bore in one end of the handle or the shank may be insert molded into the handle.

The working end of the shank is adapted to carry a working tip or a socket, either of which may be insert molded in the working end of the shank or may be press-fitted in an axial bore therein. The socket may form a nut driver or define a receptacle to removably receive a working tip. The working tip may be a commercially-available, double-ended bit, with a Phillips tip at one end embedded in the shank. Type: Grant. Filed: June 14,

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Snap-On Wrench Date Codes. I have a set of Snap-On wrenches that I purchased new in That symbol on Doug’s Dad’s wrench is clearly I have some tubing wrenches that I am certain are original to the set with that symbol. Many of the wrenches and sockets I have do not exhibit the date symbols, but are from the original set.

Snap-on hasn’t issued any revenue guidance for the time To Listen To The Conference Call Date: Jul 31, View more earnings on SNATime.

Snap-On, Inc. To sell its products, Snap-On uses franchised truck drivers-nearly 4, of them-to purchase tools and equipment at wholesale prices and then market and deliver products directly to clients. Because Snap-On trucks are stocked with a wide variety of the firm’s merchandise, customers are able to take delivery of many of their tools and equipment immediately upon purchase.

Earnings growth proved less consistent. Many analysts became concerned about Snap-On’s outlook in mid, when company officials revealed that third quarter earnings would be roughly 68 percent lower than in the third period of the previous year. To bolster earnings, the firm announced its intent to reduce its workforce by 4 percent and to undertake measures to improve efficiency in both domestic and international operations.

The plan seemed to reassure investors, and stock prices rose 4. According to an August issue of The Business Journal-Milwaukee , many analysts believed the firm’s earnings per share would recover in

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This article will look at the history and development of the Snap-on Tools Corporation in the decades from the s to the s, with examples of their tools sold under the Snap-on and Blue Point or Blue-Point brands. Information on the development of Snap-on during the s can be found in our article on the Snap-On Wrench Company covering their first decade of operations. The table below lists the various trademarks registered or in use by Snap-on during this period.

The entries are presented in order of the registration number or issue date , and in some cases the registrations are successors to an earlier filing.

Snap-onTM Date Codes. Thanks to Steve Holmberg for providing this information​. Click here to see a really, really big version. snap-on date codes. Snap-on is a.

Filed Sept. Knudsen, James W. Price, and Gene E. Olson, Kenosha, Wis. The geometric peripheral configuration of the flank engaging driver jaws alternate between concavities to provide complete nut corner driving disengagement, and the centers of the concavities alternating with the oppositely inclined flank jaws are symmetrically indexed on substantially 15 degree radii emanating from the Wrench or driver socket axis. This invention relates to socket drives and more particularly to wrench sockets of the flank drive type effective to engage the sides rather than the corners of standard fasteners such as hexagon nuts with substantially improved torque transmission characteristics over standard hexagon and particularly double hexagon corner drives heretofore in general use.

This application is related to our copending application Ser. It contemplates more especially the improved hexagon and double hexagon flank socket or wrench jaw drives for standard fasteners such as hexagon nuts and the like which impart the torque transmission load to the sides or flanks rather than to the corners thereof and accomplishing this with limited looseness or oscillatory-type play necessary to a degree so that registry is possible between the socket or wrench drive and the nut fasteners.

With the teachings of the present invention, the angularity of the oppositely related nut flank engaging surfaces is within a range which will afford minimum practical looseness for registry with the fastener nuts and contact therewith near but not at the corners to insure proper nut turning leverage and to avoid under all circumstances comer engagement.

The elimination of nut corner engagement is absolute irrespective of wrench surface engaging flanks by reason of interposing concavities between each pair of opposing angular flank surfaces around the circumference of the Wrench socket or open end jaw configuration. This improves torque transmission characteristics, greater stress withstanding configurations result, and both the hexagon fastener nut drivers and particularly the double hexagon type wrench drives therefore are rendered more egective to turn greater torque tightening loads without increasing the present wall socket thicknesses nor limiting registration accessibility between the drive sockets and the nut fasteners.

The trend has for many years been in the direction “ice of reducing wrench socket wall thicknesses of driving sockets and particularly in double hexagon or socalled twelve-point sockets which agord a double bite or nut registration in half the arc of movement in restricted or unaccessible locations in tightening and loosening nut fasteners. This is particularly important in the automobile industry by reason of the design of engines which are provided with many nut fasteners in relatively inaccessible places so that tWelve-point wrench socket drives and increasingly thinner wrench socket walls are requirements that pose problems which are eifectively overcome with the specific teachings of the present invention.

It is generally known that because of these requirements and the use of tighter applied fasteners with the higher compression engines, the thin wall double hexagon or twelve-point wrench socket is vulnerable in the sharp corners.

Snap On Military Issue 71mv 1/2″ Drive, 1963 “3” Date. Usa on

She said that it is a little more expensive than Snap-on, but the risk-reward is more attractive. It has been lagging, but Najarian is hoping that it could catch up. He owns the stock and he is selling calls against it. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

Craftsman is a line of tools, lawn and garden equipment, and work wear. Originally a house to brands like Cornwell Quality Tools, SK, Snap on, Proto, Mac, and Matco. The hardline mechanic’s tools (such as socket wrenches) that make up the This warranty program requires no receipt or dated proof of purchase.

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SNAP-ON INDUSTRIAL BRANDS 33256 Socket 3/4 in Drive 1-3/4 in 12 Points Shallow

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It is the Snap-On date code for being manufactured in Here is the whole chart. Image Here is a “Wright Field” (WWII) Snap-On socket.

Receive an email whenever Snap-on, Inc. We continually revise our forecasts over time as new information becomes available. Each dividend will have several forecasts, all of which are shown above. See all our forecast accuracy stats. Access our Snap-on, Inc. Snap-on Incorporated, incorporated on April 7, , is a manufacturer and marketer of tools, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions.

The Snap-on Tools Group consists of business operations primarily serving vehicle service and repair technicians through the Company’s mobile tool distribution channel. Financial Services consists of the business operations of Snap-on Credit LLC SOC , the Company’s financial services business in the United States, and the Company’s other financial services subsidiaries in those international markets where it has franchise operations.

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