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When was my Benge made? Always a slightly tricky question, of course. Although Benge trumpets were always in demand it’s probable that some sat around after being made. With some Chicagos, it’s also possible that Elden Benge played them for awhile being shipping them to a buyer. Paul Williamson’s was purchased new in , but I have a receipt for with a purchase date of When Benge repaired in the s he remarked to Paul, “I remember this horn!

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This page is dedicated to Benge Instruments. As more Benge Trumpet Catalog. There is no date on this catalog, so my best guess is that it is from

Selmer Special In the s, Schilke made a number of mouthpieces for him. The Holton had a. One well known instrument in his collection was the French 4 valve trumpet designed by Merry Franquin. His colleague Frank Holton started his own company, made the H. Yamaha artist after the BSO. John Branzer says: He sold the lightweight Selmer that I gave him, but returned the standard weight 24B Selmer to me before his death, which I still have.

I had given him both instruments. Bach Mt. His last trumpet at the Smithsonian, donated by his son Tim James in A balanced design, with a replica of the distinctive Selmer finger hook. Harry James name engraved in script along the bell. Not built by King no brand name.

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An Index to Benge Instruments , Elden Benge moved to CA, , , Sequence for Chicago and Early Burbank Large Bore Trumpets.

King Musical Instruments originally founded as the H. White Company is a former musical instrument manufacturing company located in Cleveland , Ohio , that used the trade name King for its instruments. After four changes of ownership for King Musical Instruments since , the rights to the King name are currently owned by Conn-Selmer, Inc.

The company was founded as the “H. White Company” in by Henderson White, an engraver and instrument repairman. In , The H.

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It’s a funny thing about trumpet manufacturers, they don’t take time to record every little design change and detail, because they’re too busy making horns. At the Benge shop in Burbank, Elden and his buddies just grabbed various components and put them together to make each individual player happy. Look at the serial number stamped on the left side of the second valve casing.

Vintage Chicago Benge B flat trumpet, serial # – One Awesone Player Guarantee.

Zigmant J. Kanstul, founder and President of Kanstul Musical Instruments died in Anaheim, California following a short but quickly debilitating illness at the age of Following his discharge from the service, he worked as a musical instrument repairman in Kansas. Olds and Son, Inc. He remained with Olds for nearly twenty years, during which time he became intimately conversant with every phase of brass instrument production. Kanstul assumed many of the duties held by Mr. Reynolds, and essentially managed production for the entire Olds facility.

Changes in management at Chicago Musical Instrument Company, the parent firm of Olds, resulted in Kanstul resigning his position in The Olds firm permanently ceased operations in

E-Benge Vintage #5 Resno-Tempered L.A. Trumpet 1977 Silver

Paul Ayick Vintage Brass. I buy, sell, and trade vintage trumpets, cornets, and other brass and wind instruments as they become available. Some of my satisfied customers include players from the Chicago Symphony and Boston Pops orchestras.

Trumpet is in good condition, but valves need to be lubricated and one of the later than five (5) business days from the time and date of the Buyer’s Certificate.

The caption reads: Step Aside, Bob Burns! Chicago – The bazooka has nothing on this new instrument, called the brocophone, one-third each of trumpet, trombone and alto horn. Jean Jones tries the instrument which cost 35 cents and some old tubing and valves. Should you prefer to receive them digitally a pdf of the document 12MB along with the Power Point presentation 29MB , I can send them through wetransfer. If you have a Paypal account, you can pay through there www.

Avondale, Chicago, IL Please feel free to email me with any questions! Joe Summerhill Joe Summerhill was, in great part, the inspiration behind this whole project. He studied with Elden Benge in the s, and I studied with Joe in the s. He frequently talked about his time with Elden, and I knew that I would have an invaluable primary source in Joe.

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trumpet mouthpiece. It does come with a case. Not sure if it is the original but it is from the Chicago era. Valves and slides are fast and smooth. Yes, there is good.

Clear all filters. Apply filters. Add to wishlist. Dating back to BC, the trumpet has the highest register of any brass instrument and is usually pitched in Bb. The trumpet is probably the most recognisable brass instrument in the world and is one of the most popular with new players. The standard Bb trumpet has three piston valves, adjustable slides for tuning , leadpipe, bell and waterkeys. Usually found in concert bands, orchestras and jazz ensembles, the trumpet has a cylindrical bore, unlike its brass band brother, the cornet , which features a conical bore.

A wide range of starter models are available, the John Packer JP Bb trumpet is a common favourite and is competitively priced.

Claude Gordon Benge SN# 11864 Circa 1973