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With its history of carrying out global terrorist attacks, parts of Hezbollah—and in some cases the entire organization—have been designated as a terrorist group by the United States and many other countries. But with Lebanese politics in upheaval over mass discontent with the ruling class, and with U. Syrian Civil War. Political Movements. Terrorism and Counterterrorism. Various Lebanese sectarian communities held different positions on the nature of the Palestinian challenge.

Iranian ‘Tinder’ Seeks to Encourage Marriage But Not Dating

The year represented a noticeable development in the history of modern Iran with the Iranian Revolution. We can say that it represented a new kind of radical transformation in the Middle East. The main difference between it and the other Middle East transformations was that this revolution refused the class ideology. It adopted a religious ideology for social revolutionary transformation. His foreign policy tried to make use of all Islamic world resources, as Iran insisted to have a special status in the international society.

Attempts to regulate illegal dating websites have previously been tried and failed. Where sites have been shut down, others have sprung up.

The president left told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Thursday night he will send in sheriffs, law enforcement, US attorneys, attorney generals and ‘everybody’ to polling stations in November to stop voter fraud. He said the election will be the ‘most fraudulent election in history’ and claimed ballots may only be sent out to blue areas of the country. Trump spoke to Hannity one hour before Joe Biden inset with VP candidate Kamala Harris formally accepted the Democratic presidential nomination as he intentionally clashed with the closing night of the Democratic National Convention.

Bannon was arrested Thursday after a Coast Guard vessel stopped him on a yacht by Connecticut. President Donald Trump abandoned his normal all-caps attacks on his rival Joe Biden’s mental fitness to say all the Democrat was promising was ‘just words. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called out anger and division in the country as he accepted his party’s nomination Thursday – vowing to unite the country.

The final night of the Democratic National Convention kicked off Thursday night with a positive message about ‘this time next year’ as The Chicks performed the National Anthem.

China–Iran relations

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The two civilizations have had a history of cultural, political, and economic exchanges along the Silk Road since at least BC, and possibly earlier. To this day, China and Iran have developed a friendly economic and strategic partnership. Zhang Qian clearly identifies Parthia as an advanced urban civilization, whose development he equates to those of Dayuan in Ferghana and Daxia in Bactria. Burton Watson. The Parthians were apparently very intent on maintaining good relations with China and also sent their own embassies, starting around BC: “When the Han envoy first visited the kingdom of Anxi Parthia , the king of Anxi dispatched a party of 20, horsemen to meet them on the eastern border of the kingdom… When the Han envoys set out again to return to China, the king of Anxi dispatched envoys of his own to accompany them… The emperor was delighted at this.

An Shih Kao , a Parthian nobleman and Buddhist missionary, went to the Chinese capital Luoyang in CE where he established temples and became the first man to translate Buddhist scriptures into Chinese. The Persianized kingdom of Kushan became the crossroads for Sino-Indian Buddhist transmissions, with many Iranians translating Sanskrit sutras into Chinese.

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South Korea will host Iran on Aug. These will be the first official matches for head coach Shin Tae-yong, who replaced Uli Stielike last month. Son’s status for the two contests had been in doubt after he suffered a fractured forearm in a World Cup qualifier against Qatar in June. He was expected to miss between eight and 12 weeks. But much to the delight and relief of Shin and his staff, Son made his Premier League season debut with the Spurs on Sunday against Newcastle United, playing about 30 minutes off the bench.

Shin previously said he would select Son regardless of his health, because his presence alone can have a positive impact on the squad. At a press conference announcing the roster, Shin said he was impressed with Son’s performance in his return. If he gets a couple more matches under his belt, then I am sure he’ll be even better. Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors striker Lee Dong-gook has been named to the national team for the first time since October If he takes the field against Iran, Lee, at 38 years and days, will be the second-oldest player to appear in an international match for South Korea.

Tehran Ramps Up Campaign Against ‘Immoral’ Websites

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In , we provided a brief history of Iran’s naval forces dating back to the period of the Shah. In the current publication, we have provided a more comprehensive.

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Iran launched its first official matchmaking website on Monday, expecting to increase the number of marriages by , in a year. June 16, In Iran, where religious officials encourage early marriage, and long-term dating relationships frustrate clerics and officials, matchmaking is not personal — it’s a matter of state. In a bid to encourage millions of Iranian singles to marry and increase a low population growth rate, Iran on Monday launched its first official matchmaking website.

Golzari emphasized. Applicants will submit their detailed personal information to the site and then matchmakers will find the best fit for them, he explained.

Internet freedom remained highly restricted in Iran over the past year due to the of the content and websites visited by Iranian users to domestic servers, reported being entrapped by state or nonstate actors on dating apps.

In January, at the height of antigovernment protests across the country, authorities slowed down internet connections and at times completely blocked access to servers and data outside Iran see Restrictions on Connectivity. Telegram and Instagram were blocked by authorities in response to the protests. While both blocks were lifted by mid-January, Telegram was permanently blocked in April for being a threat to national security see Blocking and Filtering.

New regulations entitled “Policies and Actions Regarding the Organization of Social Media Messaging Applications” released in August outline legal activities for messaging apps operating in Iran and formalize previous demands that foreign messaging apps work with Iranian authorities to obtain licenses and move their data centers inside Iran see Legal Environment. Though prosecutions for online activities led to shorter prison sentences compared to previous years, six admins of reformist-aligned Telegram channels were sentenced to prison terms ranging from two to five years in August Several other Telegram admins were arrested for various activities, using charges such as encouraging protests or promoting homosexuality see Prosecutions and Arrests for Online Activities.

Internet freedom remained highly restricted in Iran over the past year due to the disrupting of internet connectivity and blocking of social media platforms in response to antigovernment protests. In late December , protesters took the streets in the city of Mashhad to vocalize discontent with the country’s flagging economy and the soaring prices of basic goods. Within a week, the protests spread to several other cities, becoming the largest expression of dissatisfaction with the government since the nationwide protests against the presidential election results.

In response, authorities throttled and at times shut down mobile and internet networks; they also blocked access to the messaging app Telegram and photo-sharing platform Instagram for at least one week. Later in April , the government blocked Telegram completely under the pretext of national security; hard-liners within the Islamic regime argued that the platform supported terrorists and other dangerous groups.

Telegram was then the most widely used social media and messaging app in the country, with an estimated 40 million users. Iranians employed the app to follow popular “channels,” including those of local and foreign news organizations whose websites are blocked in the country.

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The majority of the single Iranian men and women on the site reside outside of Iran and are, by and large, professionals looking to meet someone special. If looking to date, and possible fall in love and marry, an Iranian man or woman, please consider Iranian Personals as it is the largest and most successful dating site for Persian singles living abroad. Also, we should mention that the site is available in many languages besides English — to switch the default language of the site, please look in the footer and click your preferred language.

While they currently do not have an app, the site works just as smoothly as a native app.

Antoine Sevruguin, an Iranian Christian, was a commercial photographer whose calligraphy, ceramics and two lacquered wooden drums dating from the early.

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Freedom on the Net 2018 – Iran

Hyrcanian forests form a unique forested massif that stretches km along the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. The history of these broad-leaved forests dates back 25 to 50 million years, when they covered most of this Northern Temperate region. These ancient forest areas retreated during the Quaternary glaciations and then expanded again as the climate became milder.

To date, species of birds typical of broad-leaved temperate forests and 58 mammal species have been recorded, including the iconic Persian Leopard Panthera pardus tulliana. The Hyrcanian Forests form a green arc of forest, separated from the Caucasus to the west and from semi-desert areas to the east: a unique forested massif that extends from south-eastern Azerbaijan eastwards to the Golestan Province, in Iran. The property is a serial site with 15 component parts shared across three Provinces Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan and represents examples of the various stages and features of Hyrcanian forest ecosystems.

away from the top US public health agency, the White House is giving it back, Donald Trump demands full ‘snapback’ of UN sanctions against Iran vowing it.

Recently, Israel and the UAE decided to formalize their relations. However, ties between Israel and the UAE are not new. Under the cover of attending meetings of the UN agency, Israeli diplomatic representatives and ministers over the years traveled to the Emirati capital and held meetings with counterparts on mutual interest, while maintaining a diplomatic backchannel. The cover was finally lifted on Aug.

Both countries, however, issued statements that this visit does not reflect any change in their positions. The agreement enables both countries to receive nuclear know-how, materials, and equipment from the US and its allies. In , the Defense News had reported that Israel had granted several GCC states, including the UAE, access to the Israeli-built Eros B satellite and its high-resolution imagery and had begun exporting communication, homeland security, and civilian technology against terrorism.

According to WikiLeaks cable dating to March , Marc Sievers, the political advisor of the US mission in Tel Aviv, mentioned that there was a secret and persistent dialogue between Israel and Gulf countries. In , the relations between the two countries strained after the UAE accused Israeli secret agency Mossad of assassinating the Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a covert operation in Dubai. A year earlier, the same Mossad team had reportedly tried to poison the Hamas leader, who fell mysteriously ill but eventually recovered and was never aware he had been poisoned by Israeli operatives.

The issue created a row between the two countries. But the lure of nuclear technology and threat from Iran soon dissolved this anger. His visit was conducted under stringent security measures, to avoid public opposition. On Dec.

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I ran has launched its first official matchmaking website to try to encourage more young people to marry. Nearly half of all Iranians from 18 to 35 are unmarried, around 11 million people but the Tebyan Cultural and Information Center, a government affiliated organisation has launched a website, to combat the rising trend among Iranian youth to marry later or even forego marriage completely. Issues such as unemployment, economic means and housing have all contributed to this. It may be the closest thing to Tinder in Iran but young people in the West would find the restrictions suffocating.

Online matchmaking has expanded swiftly in recent years with an estimated unofficial websites active at present. Since some young Iranians use these websites for dating and not necessarily marrying, the state regularly closes the sites. At Tebyan, they have come up with a solution to prevent what they call sexual relations out of wedlock. Until some years ago many marriages in Iran were arranged between families with the help of matchmakers.

What we have done is to connect these matchmakers or mediators as we call them into a network and place a databank of young people seeking to marry and who have registered on our website at their disposal. Poverty or being unable to find the right partner are only part of the reason why marriage rates have dropped.

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