Yamaha CP88 & CP73 Review: A Much Anticipated Update to the CP-series

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The truth about buying a used Yamaha piano

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Yamaha Serial Number; I have an upright Kawai piano with serial number St. Some more modern serial number dates for British pianos of the s are listed​.

One of the primary ways you can begin to investigate the value of your piano is by locating the serial number. However, locating it can be tricky. We provide our customers with the following real-life diagrams to quickly help them find the serial number on their grand or upright piano. Grand serial numbers like on the Steinway pictured above may be found in many different places. The various places on the diagram point to some possible locations. Typically, a serial number has 5 to 7 digits, but in some cases, it may have fewer or more and may also include a letter.

This is a view of the grand with the lid open and the music desk removed. It may be necessary to clean dust off the harp or soundboard before the serial number can be seen. Upright or vertical piano serial numbers can usually be found by lifting the lid and looking inside on the gold harp or plate. It is usually not necessary to remove the upper front panel to find the serial number as in this picture. By locating the serial number, you can begin your research to know the value of the piano.

The first thing the serial number tells you is the age of the piano. Paired with the who made the piano, the age is a key piece of information, and many piano experts can begin to assign a value quickly after assessing the condition and a few other criteria.

Yamaha Digital Pianos

The impact on musical development that Yamaha music corp has had over the last century is undeniable, they provide affordable access to instruments worldwide, so today we are taking a look at the 5 best Yamaha digital pianos in Digital pianos make for an item of necessity for those without space or savings to cover the cost of the real deal.

Yamaha digital pianos are extremely well made, and as they have evolved over time they have incorporated some invaluable features. A digital piano can only emulate its acoustic forefather, and some manage to do this more effectively than others. In our reviews, we will compare Yamaha digital pianos to see what makes each one a suitable option and as ever we have included our handy buyers guide in which we have collected and selected a few of your FAQ’s to answer.

Yamaha DGXB.

Dating your Kawai or Yamaha piano is an easy process! All you need is your serial number (which on Kawai & Yamaha pianos is printed on the piano’s metal​.

As one of only a handful of local dealers, the selection of Clavinova digital pianos at our Waukesha and Watertown locations is unmatched. Enjoy the finest sound and most responsive touch ever in a digital piano. Combine a GrandTouch keyboard for unrivaled realism with an immersive headphone experience. All playing levels will appreciate the superior tone quality and intuitive interface the CLP offers.

As the first digital piano to ever feature individual weighting on every key, a graded touch feels like that of a grand piano. The Audio to Score function will produce a chord chart and piano score, while the new intuitive Stream Lights feature shows you which keys to play and when to play them.

The History of Yamaha Pianos

To check the age of a Yamaha piano made in Japan, simply check the serial number against the list below. Indonesia pianos are designed and developed at Yamaha Headquarters in Japan, drawing on over years of accumulated Yamaha expertise. Many of the major parts are produced here as well, including flawlessly vacuum-cast V-Pro frames, copper wound strings for superb bass tones, and lathe-cut nickel-plated tuning pins.

Yamaha Japan also oversees the production of other components, and provides technical support for assembly of these pianos, at Yamaha Indonesia.

One of the world’s most well-known brands, Yamaha Pianos date back over years to when they crafted the first Yamaha piano. This gives their pianos.

What follows is an article which appears on the Yamaha corporate website. Following each of the six major points presented in the article we have responded with additional information which we believe is essential to making an informed decision on this issue. Customers frequently call Yamaha Piano Service to ask about purchasing a used Yamaha piano. Typically, they want to know how old the piano is, whether it is a good piano or not, how much the piano is worth and if they should purchase it or not.

We do our best to answer their questions, from a technical standpoint. We first remind the customer that they are asking us about a used piano. We explain that there is always some degree of risk involved in purchasing any used product. Without a thorough inspection by a qualified technician, it is impossible to know whether the piano has been properly maintained, whether or not it is damaged, how worn out the piano is, or whether the piano is in need of major rebuilding.

We recommend that they contact a competent piano technician and have the technician make a thorough inspection of the piano, before purchasing it. Vienna Piano Co. We rebuild and recondition pianos for a wide variety of clients.

Yamaha U3: 10 Reasons why it’s a great choice

How Old Is Your Piano? You will need 2 things to determine the age of your piano:. The brand name of the piano. Note: Some pianos will have more than one name for the manufacturer. To make sure that you have all of the information you will need, open the lid of your piano and check out the name or names engraved or printed on the plate.

Yamaha Pianos is joining forces with four UK piano dealers from November to prices on their current ‘past sell-by date’ acoustic and digital pianos.

In , Carl Hutterstrasser purchased the company and was succeeded by his sons Alexander and Wolfgang in Ferruccio Busoni initially ordered this innovation in as part of a custom piano, as he wanted to transcribe an organ piece that extended to the C below the standard keyboard. The extra keys, at the bass end of the keyboard, were originally hidden beneath a hinged panel mounted between the piano’s conventional low A and the left-hand end-cheek to prevent their being struck accidentally during normal play; more recent models have omitted this device and simply have the upper surface of the extra natural keys finished in matte black instead of white to differentiate them from the standard On the Imperial Grand, this characteristic tonal quality in part derives from the inclusion of nine additional bass notes below bottom A.

These extra keys were originally added so that pianists could play Busoni ‘s transcriptions of J. Bach ‘s organ works, which required the 32’ bass pipes usually played on the pedal organ. As very little other music makes direct use of the extra strings, they usually contribute to the piano’s sonic character not through being played directly but via sympathetic resonance , when other strings in the piano are struck, contributing additional body to the tone.

The million-dollar Kuhn has 72 crystals installed under the strings. Instead of veneers bent around a form, the rim is made in solid sections of spruce and jointed together. Spruce is better at transmitting sound than reflecting it. This design may slightly improve tuning stability and is an advantage in case of string breakage.

Like-New Yamaha 5′ Used Baby Grand Piano – Orem

Bluebook Of Pianos. Some p iano manufacturers place serial numbers in various places. The age of your piano is determined by the Serial Number. Pianos also have numbers other than serial numbers, such is the case with part or patent numbers.

Visit us to try out the Yamaha CX series of grand pianos and find out what musical technology, producing their richest, most accurate piano sound to date. In addition to new pianos from Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Korg and Pearl River.

Here goes…. Beyond that, you will want to know what year it was made and whether there were any good or bad periods of Yamaha piano manufacture. If you look just to the left of the serial number of most Yamaha U3 pianos you will usually see a letter. Here are some bits of information about what those letterings stand for. If your budget is tight or you enjoy a particularly soft sound then this age range could be OK for you.

The serial numbers of these pianos will range from around , up to 1,, If the piano is in original condition or has only had minimal reconditioning work then you should try to avoid that piano. These models date from the early s, have serial numbers between 1,, and 2,, and are a better option compared with the U3F above.

Yamaha Piano Serial Numbers (how old / what age is your Yamaha piano)

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However, many do not realize that Yamha found its start in reed organs and pianos. Starting in , Yamaha has produced fine pianos that have won awards and achieved critical acclaim worldwide. In and , the company faced crisis as it lost several factories and offices to fires and earthquakes. Under the leadership of newly installed president Kaichi Kawakami, the company rebounded from disaster and continued to produce prestigious grand pianos.

Again, Yamaha recovered from adverse conditions with remarkable speed. In the post-war recovery era, the Japanese government instituted a major initiative to promote musical education for Japanese youth.

Yamaha – News and Rumours

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Pianos – Yamaha – United States. Clavinova CGP Grand-style digital piano in polished ebony. The fallboard conceals the operating panel so you can.

Stage Pianos are a hard market to break into and competition is stiff. Stage keyboardists are hard to please, since they demand a certain degree of finesse when it comes to design. Sounding great is a given, but stage keyboards also need to be portable, sturdy, versatile and so much more. These iconic red keyboards nail the right balance with a wide sonic palette and excellent hands-on control.

The Nord Stage 3 is one of the most recognizable stage keyboards currently available, and you can read about our thoughts in our positive review. On the other hand, companies like Korg and Roland take a different approach. Workstation keyboards were already well-known for their focus on power, so the innovations focused on the performance aspect were received to great effect. Meanwhile, Yamaha followed a similar approach, focusing their efforts on their workstation keyboards and synthesizers.

Yamaha Grandpianos (English)